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Sports & Games

      Man is the composite of different entities. Our Physical Education programmes are designed to help the learners to build body beautiful in form, harmonious in posture, supple and agile in movements, powerful in activities, and resistant in organic functions.

      Students need to have a healthy lifestyle. This is why many schools in India are adding more sports and games to their curriculum!

     It has been proven that playing sports helps children to maintain physical and mental well-being. They also provide an opportunity to build teamwork, skills, increase self-confidence, and teach social skills.  


  • Rifle Shooting

  • Chess

  • Carrom

  • Badminton 


  • Martial Arts & Yoga

  • Athletics –  6 lane, 200mts. ground for track and field events

  • Skating- 100mts. Banked Rink

  • Tennis

  • Archery

  • Football

  • Hand Ball

  • Volley Ball

  • KhoKho

  • Kabbadi

  •  School Bands

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  • Instagram
  • Youtube
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