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           Values, Principles, and rationale of the school constitute the faculty of VASSS. Adequately trained teachers to initiate, illumine, and inspire the students are the real strength of VASSS. The diversified roles the teachers play as facilitators, mentors, caregivers, and counselors assure the institution’s commitment and dedication to educating the learners of the school. Holistic personality development of the students is the mission of the faculty of VASSS. To achieve this mission they have no restrictions in extending their services in scholastic and co-scholastic domains. Faculty development training has been mandatory in the school as the training helps the teachers to hone their competencies for effectiveness.



Spacious classrooms with adequate ventilation and ergonomically designed furniture settings. All Classrooms of 520Sq.ft space equipped with interactive smart boards, audio-visual learning aids, high precision projection system, and comfortable seating arrangements for learners are made available.

Our Classrooms are smart, interactive, and conducive to enliven and sustain the interests of the learners. Smart Interactive boards provide tools and content for interactive self-paced learning by students, as well as rich-media presentations for teacher-led classroom learning. Smart class is available for teachers and students over the web, and can also be installed on the school's local server for faster and more reliable access to the content.

Our classrooms are nurturing, thoughtful, and always pulse with multifarious conceptions. Our smart classrooms with the digital curriculum have not only sustained the creative interest of the learners but also enliven the entire classroom atmosphere. For this reason ‘our educational programmes are developed, in order to provide comprehensive education that helps every learner to enhance the quality of life. The educational programmes in Vivekanandha Academy are designed meticulously to suit the essential and special needs of children from different strata of society.


Our library is an unparagoned resource centre for enhancement of knowledge and it has been designed to provide the learners with a quiet and purposeful atmosphere for study. The school has excellent library facilities with over 5,000 volumes of books comprising references, prescribed texts, and popular fiction. The school subscribes to Newspapers, Magazines, and Periodicals, both Indian and foreign to promote reading habits and research skills among the students. It is equipped with a computerized database, enabling the students to have an easy and quick access to the necessary books.


Well-equipped, the state-of-the art laboratories that afford ample services for the practical learning of the students. The safety, infrastructural and instructional standards maintained in the Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Composite science labs offer effective and qualitative practical learning


Sports facilities in VA have an amalgamation of more than 10 playing areas for most of the Outdoor & indoor games. Regular coaching is given to students identified as talented in the field of sports & games.


The School has two computer laboratories with 40 computers in each lab accessible to students. The prescribed soft and hardware facilities are modern and updated to suit the needs of the learners and teachers. The school is equipped with a dedicated broadband Internet connection. The staff and students do use the lab comprehensively for their projects and presentations. The Students get exposure to the latest Multimedia software like FLASH, Photoshop, Image-Ready, etc. On the other hand, to sharpen their logical and reasoning skills, they learn Computer Networks and Computer languages like Python, SQL, MySql, JAVA, and HTML.


A fleet of 30 vehicles that are in compliance to the terms of transportation as prescribed by the Government is plied to pick up and drop students. The drivers and attendants in the vehicles are trained and experienced to ensure the safety and security of children on board.

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