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Mission Statement  - Hostel

Vivekanandha Hostel is striving to provide quality education and comfortable stay to students in a congenial environment.



​      A separate hostel facility for boys & and girls provides a perfect ambience to make the students feel at home. The services offered in the hostels are

  • Convenient and conducive study rooms with facilities for learning.

  • Maintenance of traditional values in an amicable ambiance.

  • Structured supervised facilities for studies.

  • Laundry

  • Hygienic and nutritious food menu

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply

  • RO water

  • Considerate caretakers.

  • Round-the-clock Housekeeping.

  • Frequent Fumigation.

  • Regular Medical Checkup.

  • Encouraging environment to nurture the unique talents of the children.

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Dormitory Rules

  • All students must strictly follow the words of the Warden.

  • Attendance for prayer at the dormitory is compulsory.

  • Beds, belongings and the like at dormitory are to be maintained well. Those who don't fold their bed sheets, wash their dresses will be punished appropriately.

  • Smaller children are restricted from climbing the stairs.

  • No one other than the sick children should be in the Sickbay.

  • The wash area, toilets, and other areas in the dormitory are to be kept neat and clean. Students should cooperate with the Ayas & helpers in housekeeping and cleanliness.

  • Students are prohibited from possessing contraband such as electrical & electronic goods, eatables, and expensive materials of any sort in their wardrobes/ cupboards.

  • Students are prohibited from keeping blades, scissors, candles or any such items that may cause serious damage.


Hygienic Refectory – Dining hall

      Our germ-free vegetarian hygienic refectory caters to the nutritional needs of the students. The delicious assortments of dishes served to the students not only please their tongue but also they are sure to make students healthy. Gas and steam-operated kitchen equipment, supervised food preparation, and loving service by the caterers ensure hygienically prepared healthy dishes.

  • All students must be on time to take food and for evening snacks.

  • Those who don't come on time will not be permitted into the hall. They should forego the meals/snacks.

  • Children should not throw and refuse food. Those who do so shall be punished by not providing the next meal.

  • After meals, students are expected to leave the hall in a decent manner. Bigger children should help smaller ones in doing so.


Appearance & Dress

        Everyone's body is a sacred creation; it ought to be respected rather than any defilement to it.

  • Always Dress modestly.

  • Always be neat and clean.

  • Never lower your dress standards, immodest clothing such as short shorts, skirts, tight clothing & and other revealing attire are prohibited on the School campus.

  • Avoid extremes in clothing, appearance, and hairstyle.

  • Avoid being sloppy in dress, grooming, and manners.

  • Avoid touching others for any reason.

  • Avoid posing for photographs for someone to take photos or videos of you.

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