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Today's learners in Vivekanandha Academy are certainly Tomorrow's Leaders of the world.

        Knowledge and intellectual capability alone are not sufficient to meet life’s challenges. Learning to enquire, to observe oneself, to relate with other people and the earth, must be the uncompromising core intention of the educational system.



Early Childhood Care and Education


Primary & Middle School


Secondary & Senior Secondary Department


  Educational goals of academic excellence and personality development are realized through a progressively challenging curriculum that will facilitate the students to mould themselves into proactive and productive world citizens.   

    The school offers CBSE curriculum which is a structure of learning experiences, presented to each child as a balanced programme, which closely matches each child’s stage of development. Our investigative creative curriculum is highly adaptable and sure to give real purpose to learning.

   English is the medium of instruction. Tamil or Hindi is taught as a second language from Std. I to VIII. III Language is compulsory from Std. I to VIII. Tamil or Hindi should be chosen as a third language.

   The need to equip our children to the fast tracking technological developments has compelled us to explore areas of ‘Multiple Intelligence’, ‘Learning Styles’, and ‘Thinking Styles’ into the curriculum. It goes without saying that children are made aware of their latent potentials in our Academy and that awareness will help them to unfold their abilities in different capacities to the society.

      Education at the pre-primary stage is imparted by teachers who are trained well. Children are taught using the latest teaching aids and supremely scientific strategies. On completion of 3 years, children are admitted to Pre-Kindergarten. They continue to learn through activity-based methods which stimulate and sustain the interest for learning. Basically, activity-oriented education is imparted through singing, dancing, drawing, sketching, coloring, paper cutting and pasting, reciting action songs, and all play-way methods are adopted to give a happy learning experience. Plenty of Kindergarten equipments helps the children to acquire motor skills and to identify colors, shapes, sizes, etc., as they learn in a play - way method to have a strong foundation in listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

      ‘Education is the manifestation of the perfection already contained in human beings’ said the cyclonic monk Swami Vivekanandha. True education is more than curriculum. It means nurturing individuals with right attitudes and right values to be competent, responsible and enterprising. The prominence is not merely imparting textual information to our students but indeed preparing them for the larger goals of life itself. Academic excellence is brought to the fore by awakening the integrated intelligence of the children involving co-scholastic activities like sports, arts, music, and so on.

       The school prepares students for the AISSE & AISSCE conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Examination. Highly competent staff bring to the school the best skills in teaching& and learning, using modern educational tools and methodology. Well-equipped Lab facilities for Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Mathematics, History, and Geography are made available for students. The state–of–the–art computer lab with sufficient computers, equipped with the latest i3 and i5 Processors with Windows 10, Windows 11, and Multi-Media capabilities caters to the technological thirst of the students. Besides preparing the students for the CBSE board examinations, they have also been trained for the JEE, NEET, Olympiad, NTSE, and other competitive exams by experienced teachers from reputed training academies.


National Education Policy

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